Welcome to Podcast Fanatic

Hello, and welcome to Podcast Fanatic! I started this website to blog about, discuss and recommend my favorite podcasts avalible this very minute.

I have to admit that I was a little late to the podcast game. It wasn’t until I graduated college that I really got into the podcast world and began exploring exciting podcasts like The Black Tapes, Rabbits, Lore and Tannis. That wasn’t what got me into the world of podcasts though, what got me in was a little more…depressing.

I was originally drawn into podcasts when I began to listen to NPR during the 2016 election. (shiver) I would listen to programming every morning on the way to work and on the way back. You could say it was the best part of my day; sitting there in the seat of my old chevy malibu, sipping coffee and listening to commentarty from political commentators. At the time I was glued to anything that came out about election and I followed information like a crack addict searching for a fix. NPR was for the most part, my go to source. It was unbiased, informative and it felt really good to be able to start a sentance with “you know what I heard on NPR this morning?” Soon though, morning NPR wasn’t cutting it. I needed more.

The first app ¬†I downloaded wasn’t a podcasting app at all. Well, it kind of was. It was the NPR One app. Now since I’m a huge NPR fan I hate to rag on NPR products but their app was…substandard. I deleted it in like ten minutes. Then I looked at the cluster that was soundcloud and a couple areas before I discovered Podcast Republic.

Podcast Republic is the main podcast app that I use to listen to my favorite podcasts. I hate to do free advertising but this app deserves it. The layout was so clean, they had all genres of podcasts as well as “hot” lists and my favorite feature, the download button. Now I could listen to my favorite podcasts on the road without a wifi or mobile connection. I even found an NPR podcast that was an hour long so that I could binge between morning shows. Oh I found so much. But I also discovred something else: a lot of people didn’t know about podcasts.

Now I understand being on the the wrong end of pop culture. I never watched The Walking Dead or binge watched Game of Thrones. I never even watched Breaking Bad whch was all the rage for months. I was a pop culture noob. In the absence of the pop culture obscession though I gained another interest. Docudramas. These are stories that sound like radio shows combined with investigative journalism and a thrilling story. (Think if Spotlight was narrorated.) This is where I want to start.  Discussing the best docudrama podcasts. I could start with politics but nobody wants any more political information thrown at them. Instead I want to start with a serial known only as S-town. Ill be releasing my review and insights on it tomorrow night so keep up!

This is where I sign off podcast style:

This is Podcast Fanatic. Keep up.


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